Episode 328 Pity Party For One Your Table Is Ready


This episode hits home for a lot of us about getting the most out of our hunting and what is required to achieve it.


  1. why do i feel your talking to me – lol….there is no deer in my woods…but i dont care ..i’ll be out there anyway…even if its only once or twice a year…in 5.5 years i will take early retirement…i’m going to live in my jeep and go hunting, fishing, trapping. canoing, ect every single freaking day…i will be that 75 year old…i’m already building that jeep and buying the things i will need…i hear you on the excuse making habit but unfortunately life isn’t that easy…we can’t always make the things we want happen…i’ve worked two or three jobs from day one and went/paid to/for school (aa in computer programming and Ba in Accounting) and paid my parents rent, bought my own food, paid my own medical bills, ect..ect…ect..i am not a lazy person or one who says i can’t do it..but i have found that when the things i want depend on someone else’s good nature i lose..that doesnt mean i give up…i just change what i want..

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