Episode 203 Gear Review From 2016


This episode talks about the gear that I used during the 2016 season. Somethings I loved and some i wont use again.


  1. Jason, great podcast as usual! Heard you’re considering a puffy jacket. First Lite Uncompahgre is they way to go. Super packable and punches way above its weight class. It’s amazing.

    Now, I also tried the Uncomphagre vest but wasn’t as happy with it. The fit mostly. And I felt the collar was way too high. Just fit me wrong. But I’ll never give up the Uncomwhatever jacket!


  2. I’ve been carrying a down vest for a long time. This year I started packing a down, packable jacket and pants along with the vest. I bought a cheap set on the web ($40 for the jacket, $50 for the pants) that was not marketed to hunters. after using it for a season I’ll say it’s the way to go. I only put it on when I’m cold in the stand, so it doesn’t matter that it’s not durable. The noisy fabric impairs your hearing at times, but I don’t think it effect the deer. Now that I’ve tried the system and like it, I’d recommend spending the money on Kuiu puffy pants and jacket, but at the time I wasn’t willing to jump that far in.

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