Episode 139 Aggressive Whitetail Tactics For the Rut


This episode is published a couple days early as I am leaving tomorrow for Missouri to hunt for a week.

This episode talks about aggressive tactics for the Whitetail Rut. These are hit it hard and get it done type tactics to increase your odds of meat in the freezer and horns on the wall.

Episode 138 Why Hunting Food Might Not Be The Best Option For Whitetails


This episode talks about why hunting over food might not be the best option for whitetails. Not that hunting food is a bad thing to do. But there are other and often better ways to hunt and this podcast talks about what, how and why.

Episode 137 Mornings or Evenings Whats Better for Whitetails


This episode talks about the differences between morning and evening hunts when chasing whitetails.

Video 53 Isabella’s First Deer

My 13 year old daughter Bella got her first deer! She shot it with her compound bow in a natural hub location in natural conditions, no bait or anything like that. She made a perfect 10 yard shot and the big doe traveled about 100-120 yards and died running.

Bella did the blood trailing and field dressing all on her own. She also refused to let me help drag it out. She wanted to do it all.

Episode 136 How Animals Use The Wind


This episode gives some tips and suggestions on how animals use the wind and how you can use that to your advantage.

Episode 135 The Emotional Aspect of Traditional Bowhunting


This episode talks about the emotional aspect of being a full time traditional bowhunter. This talks about who we are, what we do, and the ups and downs we deal with.