Episode 205 Getting the Most Out of Your Practice Sessions


This episode talks about getting the most out of your practice sessions.

Video 82 Example of a Hub For Deer Hunting

This video shows a good example of what hunting a “Hub” looks like when Whitetail hunting.

Episode 192 Home Hunting VS Away Hunting


This episode talks about the differences between hunting around home and hunting different states or hunting camps.

Episode 191 Apps and Website Tools for Hunters


This episode talks about Apps for phones and Websites for your computers that will help you as hunters.

Episode 190 Dealing With the Issue of Noise While Hunting


This episode talks about noise while hunting. what you can and cant get away with as well as ways to deal with it.

Episode 182 Benefits of Not Using an Outfitter


This episode is all about the benefits of do it yourself hunting and not using an outfitter or guide.


Video 78 Bow Holder Hook Mod to Save your Pack and Clothes

This video show a mod to save your pack pockets and clothing from bow hook punctures.

Episode 180 Archers Paradox, Shot Follow Through, and Common Mistakes


This episode talks about archers paradox and understanding what it is. Then we talk about shot follow thru and how all this relates to each other. Then at the end we break down some of the common mistakes that relate to all of this.

Episode 175 Meat Care and Ways to Prevent Spoilage


This episode talks about proper meat care from start to finish and ways to keep game meat from spoiling in the field.

Episode 174 Bow Grip Material and Thoughts On Fletching


This episode talks about bow grip material options and the last half is my thoughts about what fletching work best for what you want to accomplish.

Episode 171 Getting your family Involved in Shooting Sports


This episode talks about getting your family involved in shooting sports. It covers everything from plinking, appleseed shoots, idpa, 3gun, cowboy, skeet and clays, to steel and bullseye. This is all about spending quality time with your family have fun and learning new skills.

Episode 170 Ethical Shot Distance VS Effective Range


This episode talks about he difference between ethical shot distance and effective range. Both are very different and both very important.

Video 69 Sharpening 3 Blade Broadheads

As many of you know I don’t shoot 3 blade broadheads so I cant offer much help on sharpening them. But, Steve Angell of Simply Traditional does! Here is a great video Steve did on how to sharpen 3 blade heads.

Steve sells broadheads by Magnus, Grizzly, Ace, and Snuffers at prices that cant be beat! He also sells his amazing hand made strops like you see in the video for 25 bucks! simplytraditional.net. or click on his link in the friends tab! Steve also sells other great hunting products in his online store!

Episode 163 Trad Bow Community and Fitness for Hunting


This episode talks about the Traditional Bowhunting Community and at the end I cover some info about getting fit for hunting season.