Episode 186 Why and Focus a method to become a Better Bowhunter


This episode talks about a phrase we use around my house quite often. Why and Focus! Today I will show you how this same approach will make you a better hunter.

Episode 185 Interview With Steve Turay On Antelope Hunting


In this interview with Steve Turay we talk about Do It Yourself Antelope hunting. Steve covers every aspect of what it takes to plan and have a great DYI antelope hunt. We also talk about his bows and his new Ramer model and how it came to be.

Episode 184 Interesting Deer Hunting Stats


This episode talks about some interesting deer hunting stats that i was reading and my thoughts on them.

Episode 183 Budget Big Game Hunts


This episode talks about big game hunts that can be done on a budget.

This episode is also published a couple days early do to me being out of town this Sunday.

In this episode I talked about hog hunting with Jim Dussias in Florida but could not remember the new name of his hog hunting camp. Its called “Olde Florida Bowhunting” Search it on face book and you will get the info and connect with Jim!