Video 70 Stump shooting 101

This video takes you along with me on a stump shooting session. I talk about what to shoot and what not to and how to have fun stump shooting.

Episode 164 Bowfishing Tactics and How to Find Fish


This episode talks about bowfishing tactics and how to find fish in different situations.

Video 69 Sharpening 3 Blade Broadheads

As many of you know I don’t shoot 3 blade broadheads so I cant offer much help on sharpening them. But, Steve Angell of Simply Traditional does! Here is a great video Steve did on how to sharpen 3 blade heads.

Steve sells broadheads by Magnus, Grizzly, Ace, and Snuffers at prices that cant be beat! He also sells his amazing hand made strops like you see in the video for 25 bucks! or click on his link in the friends tab! Steve also sells other great hunting products in his online store!

Video 68 First Night of Bowfishing 2016

This video is from my first night out on the water in 2016. I shot the whole video with the Geekpro 4.0. First part is on my pole mount I made and last few minutes is on a headband strap.  Sorry for the audio being removed by youtube. Apparently copyright kicked in quicker than i figured it would. I will try to fix that next week when I can.

Episode 163 Trad Bow Community and Fitness for Hunting


This episode talks about the Traditional Bowhunting Community and at the end I cover some info about getting fit for hunting season.

Episode 162 Scouting Q & A Session 1


This episode is a “scouting” Q and A session. I have been saving up a bunch of questions on scouting that you guys have been emailing me and I cover some of them here.

10 dollar Bag Target Stand

My kids made a stand for our new bag target today. All I did was tell them the measurements needed and they did all the cuts and building it. The cost was under 10 bucks and if I was the one building it (or any adult with normal skills) it would of only taken about 15 minutes to make. It took my 12 and 13 year old about an hour including painting it. Build list will be under the pics in this article. ¬†The “H” shaped wood on the cross beam is to hold the target from swinging. It was an after thought as i didnt like how the bag would swing when we pushed it. This tension on the bottom of the bag from the “H” shaped piece holds the bag perfectly still.

Itarget stand2

Itarget stand1

To make this (again it was under 10 bucks) here is what you need.

(3) 2x4x8, (1) 2x3x8 could also use another 2x4x8 but i had a 2×3 laying around, 2 eye bolts, 2 s hooks, some 3″ screws or nails.

upright boards are 48″, top cross bar and foot boards are all 30″. Then use the remaining pieces of wood to make angle supports and lower cross bar. Done! Sweet easy and fast. Its rock solid and works great. Cant believe I didn’t make one of these sooner!

Episode 161 My New Bowfishing Boat


This episode talks about my new bowfishing boat. The what, how, and why to everything I did to it.