Episode 160 Recurve or Longbow


This episode talks about the differences between a recurve and longbow. Each has pros and cons, each has its own characteristics, each has its own shooting style. I break it all down here for you.

Episode 159 Updates and Buying Gear New VS Used


This episode has some updates in the first part then talks about buying gear new vs used.

Episode 158 Understanding Whitetail Bedding Areas


This episode talks about Whitetail bedding areas. Where they are, how to find them, what to look for, etc.

Video 64 Part 2 Of My New Bowfishing Boat

This video is Part 2 of my new bowfishing boat. Part 1 showed the details of the boat, motor, lights, and layout. This video shows the rest of the details as the boat is finished and ready for the water.

Video 63 GeekPro Camera (Poor Man’s GoPro)

This video is a review of my new GeekPro Action Camera. Its basically a knock off of the GoPro for about 1 quarter of the price! Amazing Quality and Amazing price!

Episode 157 Concealed Carry Responsibility and Thoughts


This episode talks about the responsibility of concealed carry and thoughts on the aftermath and legal aspect of having a firearm for personal protection outside of your home.