Episode 130 Advise on Technical Gear


This episode talks about technical gear and how to get the best advise on what you need for specific situations and hunts.

Episode 129 Tips For Getting Lost and Spending a Night in the Woods


This episode gives some good tips to help you out if you get lost or have to spend an unexpected night in the woods.

Episode 128 Common Scouting and Stand Set Up Mistakes to Avoid


This episode talks about common mistakes that are made when scouting close to or during the hunting season as well as some of the biggest mistakes made when setting up a stand site.

Episode 127 7 Ways to Kill More Deer for Under 200 Dollars


This episode covers more than 7 ways, but its purpose is to give you ideas that can help you kill more deer for less than 200 dollars invested.

Video 47 Details of My Custom Lineman Belt

This video is due to the massive amount of emails and phone calls I get wanting to know the details of, where to buy components, and how to put together my lineman belt. I am very happy that so many people are using this system! I don’t mind the emails or phone calls or answering any questions. But I figured doing a full detailed video was a good option to make sure you get the right stuff.

Episode 126 Bowhunting Hacks and Mods


This episode talks about all the tips, tricks, hacks, and mods I know to make life easier when hunting.