Episode 125 Ways to Carry Guns Wilderness and Urban


This episode is due to all the emails I got from the other gun episode I did. It talks about different ways to carry guns in the woods and everyday carry.

Episode 124 Pre Season Preparations


This episode talks about things you should be doing now to be ready for the upcoming hunting season.

Episode 123 Making Things With Kydex


This episode talks about all the things you can make with Kydex, how to make Kydex items, and what you need to be able to do it.

The items you can use Kydex for are endless and it is one of the most versatile materials an outdoorsman can learn to use. This podcast show you everything you need to know about playing with it.

Video 46 Tree Stand Carry System

This video show the new system I will use for carrying tree stands this year. A big shout out to Dan Rudman for this idea! I love it!

Video 45 Changing Broadhead Points To Tanto or Round

This video show how I modify my broadhead tips for strength and to prevent tips from bending or rolling over.

Video 44 Bowfishing Helpful Tips

This Video covers a few helpful tips for your bowfishing set up.

Video 43 Hand Winch Recovery System

This video show the hand winch recovery system I will carry in my truck this year to pull me out when I get stuck in the woods. Its called the “Weyth Scott More Power Puller”.

Episode 122 Bowhunting Q and A Session 6


This is another bowhunting Q and A session where I cover a variety of questions that have been emailed to me.