Episode 108 Knife tips, Blade designs, and Why


This episode takes a look at all the different knife tip styles, the blade designs, shapes, and why they are that way. There are certain knife designs that work better for different situations and I will try to explain a lot of it for you.

This episode is published a couple days early as we wont be here on Monday to publish this at its normal time.

Episode 107 Why I Like Carbon Arrows


This episode explains the reasons so many people love to shoot carbon arrows.

March 2015 Ohio Scouting/Camping Trip

article camping ohio

Episode 106 Camping Q and A session 1


This episode our first Camping Q and A session. Basically I have taken some of the most common questions I get about camping and answered them here.

Episode 105 Interview With Dan Rudman on Hunting East VS Mid-West


This episode is my first ever interview! Dan Rudman and I talk for almost 2 hours on hunting in the east vs hunting in the mid-west.

Dan has lived and hunted many states. He spent many years living and hunting in northern Michigan and many years living and hunting in Kansas. He is as genuine as they come, a wealth of knowledge, a very accomplished hunter, and a man of great ethics. It was an honor to have him on the show and we already have plans set up for future episodes.

Episode 104 Trailers, Caps, Hitch Carriers, and Options


This episode is about different ways to carry your gear when camping, hunting, and enjoying the outdoors. There are a lot of times we need to carry a more gear than our vehicle can hold on its own. Here are the pros and cons to the options available.

Video 40 Making Arrows Step by Step

This is a very detailed video on how I make my arrows. It also includes how I make my double inserts for high efoc.