Episode 64 Tuning Traditional Bows and Arrows


This episode is all about tuning. Bow set up and getting the best flight out of your arrows. How to, why, and the understanding of tuning. A bow has to be set up right for best performance and quiteness. Arrows need to fly perfect to performe perfect. This episode will show you how to do it all.

Video 27 Kids bowfishing at night

Last night (5-23-14) I took my kids bowfishing at night on Saginaw Bay in Michigan.  Bella is 11 and Keegan is 10. They rocked the bay for 3 hours and filled 2 and a half barrels of fish. My wife Tina had her bow but only shot a couple after the kids would miss.  I didn’t even bring my bow. I just drove the boat.

Episode 63 What to Pack on a Bear Hunt


This episode is about the preperation for a black bear hunt. Many Trad hunters will be going after spring bears over the next month and others have trips planned for the fall. I figured this is great time to talk abut what you should bring and pack for a bear hunt.

Video 26 Bowfishing Equipment Overview

This video shows the different types of bowfishing set ups and equipment options.

Episode 62 Bowfishing A to Z


This episode is a complete bowfishing from novice to advanced. Everything from bows, reels, arrows, how, what, where, and everything else.

Be sure to watch the video as well as it shows all this stuff in detail. Here is the link to the video.


Episode 61 Spring Scouting For Whitetail Season


This episode is all about spring scouting for deer season. If you live in a place that gets good snow Spring is the most important time to be scouting.