Video 79 55 Arrow Practice Session

This video tags along with me on a 55 arrow practice session from the ground and tree stands. Its that time of year where I start shooting alot to be ready for hunting season. Today was the start of my “must shoot 4 days a week” practice schedule.


    • Yep. 700 grain arrows with custom double inserts and 30℅ foc.
      Favorite arrow set up I ever made.
      Good luck with the shoulder recovery Dave. Hope it goes smooth and you are back at it again soon!

  1. Nice shooting! I noticed in you banner image that you are practicing with illuminated nocks. I was considering doing this to help me better learn the trajectory of my arrow. Was that your intent, and if so has it helped your shooting?

    • I used luminoks for practicing low light shooting and even used them on a bear hunt once. Don’t like them for hunting but make a great training aid.

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