Video 62 My New Bow Fishing Boat (part 1)

This video is about my new bow fishing boat. The boat is only about 70% done so far but I thought I would do a video on what i have done already. Once I have the boat finished I will do another video show the rest of it and the final details.


  1. trailer needs a 2nd axle!!!!!!!!!! trust me,and a gusset reinforcement on the tongue
    the boat will work tho..

  2. Bruce,
    Actually this boat fully loaded with lights, genny, motor, etc ony weighs 1050 pounds. That is less than a stock tracker 1860 center counsel! my open design, light weight little motor, etc make this thing super light for its size. plus my trailer has a 3500 pound axle and the frame is the strongest in its class. most single axel boat trailers are 2000 pound axels. trust me I searched for hours on what trailer to get. even double axel boat trailers are only 2 2000 pound axels meaning they are only 500 pounds more than my single. plus I only have 2 tires to replace, 2 bearings to grease, and no brakes to worry about replaceing and maintaining. I also have 15 inch full size wheels with radial tires. This trailer is a over kill for my set up!
    I have owned 9 boats and 18 trailers. one being a over 6000 pounds! so I have owned many single and double axel and even 2 triple axel trailers. I will take a 3500 pound single every chance I get.

  3. Great comments on this trailer issue. and I do agree with you on your choice. I run a 1860 side counsel -with a single 6k axle. and questioned even that when one night my crew and i shot 2700 lbs that of course filled the boat, we off loaded to the pickup a good part before trailering, yet the tongue weight was a worry,ive built that up now and still not sure that will be sufficient. glad to see your great spill on this.
    Bruce @

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