Video 53 Isabella’s First Deer

My 13 year old daughter Bella got her first deer! She shot it with her compound bow in a natural hub location in natural conditions, no bait or anything like that. She made a perfect 10 yard shot and the big doe traveled about 100-120 yards and died running.

Bella did the blood trailing and field dressing all on her own. She also refused to let me help drag it out. She wanted to do it all.


  1. Congrats to Bella! Well done! You earned it. Perfect shot.
    Lots of good, healthy, meat, too.

    Come down to Florida and kill a hog now!:)

  2. Bella congrats on perfect shot placement and your harvest. I’m also impressed by your taking ownership and pride in your harvest and wanting to do it all yourself. It’s a skill that will last you forever. Awesome job!!

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