Video 37 EFOC Bare Shaft Broadhead Test

I wanted to see what would happen if I shot bare shafts with big broadheads and 30% EFOC shafts.  I do not recommend doing this as it can be dangerous. But I’m very confident in my arrow set up and need to see how they would fly with a big head and no feathers. Very impressive!

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  1. That is intreasting stuff. No doubt your setup is tuned to the max, but I bet if you had something that is vented and a true 3 to 1 ratio like a Howard Hill head you could get even better results. Them ol’ Mag 1’s make nice holes though!

    Also, I always leave my arrows alone if the bareshaft shows a slight nock high like yours. If I don’t than my fletched arrows don’t group the same. I think it is a clearance issue…

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