Video 29 Super Fast Way to Hang a Tree Stand

This video shows me putting up and taking down a stand. From walking to the tree with all gear wrapped up, to up and down, and wrapped back up walking out. All in about 10 minutes. Very fast, very safe and how I do it every time I hunt.

Also note that my haul line has 2 loops so I can pull up my pack and bow at the same time. I also show you a cool trick for trees without branches to hang your extra sticks on.


  1. The lineman’s belt is a great idea and you can see how safe and easy it is to use when installing a tree stand. Well done

  2. Jason,
    Great Video..very helpful…..could you clarify what you are doing with your 2 sticks you aren’t using when attaching the first one? Keep up the awesome work!

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