Video 28 Making Your Own Lineman Belts And Tethers

This video shows you how to make your own lineman belts and tethers. These not only cost less or about the same as the ones you can buy but are better in every way.


    • I bought the ropeman #1 ascender form The rope, and biners are from But you can get the rope and biners from any climbing store online. The ascender is pretty common as well but has great prices and fast shipping.

  1. As a stickbow hunter I’ve replaced all of the existing ropes that came with my linesman style belt as well . One piece of advice I will give you as a firefighter and confined space rescue technician is to get rid of the overhand knot on your prussic and replace it with a double fisherman. That overhand can roll over on itself and fail. A double fisherman will only tighten under pressure. Also, move the knot to one side so the biner is not directly on your knot. You doing a great job in taking care of you and your kids by replacing the “stuff” that comes with the linesmen belts.

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