Video 25 EFOC Arrow in High Winds

Here is my new arrow set up. It is 30% FOC (foward of center weight). the arrow is 695 grains total. It is a goldtip 3555 shaft at 26.5 inches, 100 grain brass insert with another 100 grain brass insert grinded down and connected to the other one inside the shaft, a 100 grain steel adaptor and a 145 grain head.

I did some slow motion at the end.


  1. I have a lot to learn about FOC arrow tuning. My question is why did you go with added insert weight and not head weight? What is the difference ? What are you going to do with your hunting setup? Sorry about all of the questions, like I said I have lots to learn about FOC arrow tuning for target and hunting.

    • I added insert weight because of a couple reasons. 1. I have a ton (over 100) 140 grain broadheads that i love. 2. I like to shoot judos alot and need them to have the same weight as my heads.
      Also keep in mind that I already have a ton of head weight. 100 grain steel insert and 140 grian head is a 240 total point weight and then I have 190 in brass inserts so I have a total of 430 grains up front on the arrow. not many ways to get this with just head weight and not insert weight. There are however probably a dozen different ways to get this kind of up front weight. The insert weight option from gold tip is a good idea but I already have a couple hundred brass inserts so i figured why not put a couple of them together. I also like how the extra insert makes my carbon arrow stronger becasue instead of a 1.5 inch insert i now have a 3 inch insert makeing the shaft tougher.

      Side note to think about: You can not just add weight to the front of your arrows and have them fly good. you need to test them and will need to shorten or stiffen your shaft everytime you add more weight to tthe front. My double insert set up helps with that a bit because it basically makes the flexable part of my shaft shorter and takes care of the stifening for me. So i only had to cut my shafts 1/2 inch. Each situation will be different for each shooter. But you have to test and bare shaft tune thru the process.

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