Video 225 Amazing Custom Made Tree Saddle By Tactisaddle

Well John Tucker Finally made his custom made hunting saddles available to the public! These saddles are hand made by John on commercial grade sewing machines at his home shop in Michigan. All the components are mil spec and tested. John has been making his own hunting saddles for over 20 years and his newest design called the Tactisaddle is straight up amazing! Watch the video to learn about all of the tactisaddle advantages.

To order your own Tactisaddle contact John Tucker. Email: phone: 586-530-7359

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  1. Hi, Jason I just ordered a saddle from John thanks for the info on it! I have looked at them for a long time. After canceling my LWCG stand after 3 months of no del! I have a question on your leather arrow rest do you make it one piece or two pieces of leather? Thanks! George

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