Video 20 How to Make a Flemish Twist Bow String

This is a simple video on how I make my bow strings. I do them right in my living room on my coffee table while we watch movies. I just got done making 4 new strings for this year and figured I’d show how I do it.

The process is very, very easy and not only does it save you money, making your own strings will let you customize them your way.


  1. Hey Jason, great video and thanks for sharing. I definitely want to try this. Just one question, after you make your loops and you tied them off with the extra string material, what do you with the tags that remain sticking out? Do they get twisted into mid section or do you cut them off?

    • Once I have the string finished I just pull the 2 extra prices that I tied on off. Most people don’t even use string to tie them off, instead they use a paper clip to hold the ends. I just never seem to have any paper clips so I just use string to hold them. Then pull the string off when I’m done.

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