Video 174 Direction Of This Channel In The Future

This video talks about the direction this channel is heading and will continue to go in the future. My goal with this channel is to do everything I can to make you a better outdoorsman! I plan to use a combination of tips, tricks, information videos, and reviews to help you become the best bowhunter you can be. I vow to always give the most valuable and honest information I can. I will not be taking on any sponsors on this channel. I will continue to offer affiliate links to the products I review as the small earnings I make from the links does help support the channel. I will not review any products that I dont think are of great vaule and items that would work perfectly if its something you are looking for. I do all of this for you! Not for any manufactures, sellers, etc. My loyalty is to you guys! I will always keep your best interest at the fore front of what I do. Thank you for being part of the Traditional Bowhunting And Wilderness Podcast Channel!

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