Video 172 Excellent New Skinning Tool And Great EDC Options.

Here are links to the tools mentioned in the video.

Workpro 3 pack utility knife:

Gerber EAB knife:

Screwpop Sliding utility knife:

Hooked blades for skinning:

Standard utility blades:

I am an affiliate for Amazon and do receive earnings from purchase thru these links. This video talks about an excellent new skinning tool and great edc options! I learned of this skinning tool while on a bear hunt this spring and loved it! Then when i ordered these items I also found some great edc (every day carry) options as well! Watch the video to see how it all works! This hooked blade utility knife will make your skinning go much faster and also save the edge on your blade as skinning and cutting hair dulls a blade fast. It also doubles as a great edc knife that you never need to sharpen and is very light weight and compact.

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