Video 15 Tree Stand Safety

This video shows the proper way to safely hunt from a tree stand. It shows the proper use of a full body harness. The best way to position stands and climbing systems. It also covers tether systems.

Note: I have received a few emails asking about my lineman belt i personally use. The belt is one i made from rock climbing components. It’s a ropeman ascender unit, climbing rope and climbing carabiners. This system is ultra light and super fast. I can let line out or pull in tight with one hand. I pull the rope to tighten and push the red cam lever to loosen. It works great. The prussic knot systems are also great, but i like this better. I often hang a stand and take it down after my hunt each time i hunt. so im often hanging 2 stands a day and use my lineman belt a lot. so i find this system beneficial.




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