Video 139 Story of my October 10th 8 Point Buck On Michigan Public

This is a short video that show the set up and location of where I killed my 8 point on Northern Michigan public land. This is an area with no agriculture for miles. Strictly natural food (with the exception of all the freaking bait piles from all the bait hunters!) The set up was to ambush deer on the way to their bedding areas along this swamp. Neat thing I is I talked about this spot in my second scouting dvd I released earlier this year. So if you have the dvds you know where this spot is as we found it together during spring scouting and I explained what, how and why I wanted to hunt it. And that is exactly what this buck did. It was my first time I have ever hunted this spot. 6 yard shot at 8:30am and watched him fall.

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