Video 121 Samick Sage Recurve Why It’s An Awesome Bow At An Affordable Price

This is the bow that has introduced thousands to traditional bowhunting and traditional archery! The Samick Sage recurve is an awesome bow at an affordable price. Doesn’t matter if you use it as a bow to get your feet wet with or a bow that hunt the rest of your life with. The Samick Sage Recurve is a smooth shooting, excellent, durable bow that does everything you want it to. The Samick Sage is a 62″ recurve available in a great variety of bow weights and either right or left hand. The Samick Sage is also a take down bow that breaks down small enough to fit in a duffel bag for easy travel. You can also get different weight limbs for the samick sage recurve. If you want to learn more or purchase the Samick Sage I have a link below. I am an affiliate for amazon and do receive earnings from the purchase thru these links. Samick Sage Bow: Samick Sage Extra Limbs:

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  1. You may know but Lancaster sells a $200 longbow called the ember that is a comprable longbow to the samick sage recurve. Twig archery sells the exact same bow called the black hunter. I jumped into traditional about two months ago and bought this bow. I love it…but plan to have Steve build a custom bow for me. What is your advice for a novice traditional hunter…classic or bargara?

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