Video 120 First Lite Rain Gear And Why It’s My Favorite

Lets face it, 90% of the rain gear out there today is not all that good. I know I have tried most of it. But for the last 2 years I have been using First Lite rain gear and to date it has been the best rain gear I have ever used! So lets talk about First Lite rain gear and why its my favorite. this video will explain all of it in full detail. If you want to know more, see the specs, and/or purchase any of these items I have amazon links below. I am an affiliate for Amazon and do receive earnings from the purchases thru these links.

First Lite Boundary Storm tight Pants:

First Lite Vapor Storm Light Jacket:

Outdoor Research Seattle Sombrero Waterproof Hat:

Frogg Toggs Waterproof hat:

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