Video 115 How To Use A DSLR Camera The Right Way

Want to learn to use a camera like a pro? Well here you go! As a professional photographer for over 20 years I know a few things about a camera and how to use one. This video will teach you how to use a DSLR camera the right way for photography. Also as promised in the video below are some great recommendations for different levels of cameras and lenses.

great camera for budget minded people that is still awesome at both video and photography:

Newer version of the above (but personally between this and the one above id buy the one above):

Great camera for more serious video and also great photography (not that either of the above ones are not great, but this one is better but also cost more):

Awesome photography camera for when you get serious and need a camera that can stand up to the abuse and use. But not as easy for video as it doesn’t have a flip out screen so you need a laptop to self film and connect to the camera:

Great Full frame camera for the money:

Great lower priced main lens that is more wide angle:

Great lower priced main lens that my favorite everday zoom range :

Great main lens that offers alot more features than those above:

Best main lens ever made:

Great wide angle:

Great telephoto (long zoom) lens:

Awesome (my favorite) Telephoto lens:

I am an Amazon Affiliate so I do receive earnings from purchases thru the above links. There are obviously many other cameras and lenses available. If you are looking for something specific or to do a certain thing best let me know in the comments and I will give my best advise for ya.

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