Video 109 Best Tree Stand Ever Made For Mobile Hunting

This is the best tree stand I have ever used! Let me show you the reasons why the Lone Wolf Assault 2 tree stand. There are other great stands on the market for sure, But, the Lone Wolf has features and benefits that the others can not even come close to. If you are a mobile hunter or hunt many different trees this is the stand you want. The video will show you why. To purchase or find more specs on the Lone Wolf Assault 2 stand click the link below. I am an affiliate with amazon and this link will take you directly to the tree stand on amazon:


  1. Best stand ever made was the Loc on Limit. I still have two. They weigh 7 pounds and no noisy chains. When the bottom stand on part is pulled down the stand digs into the bark getting tighter and locked in. Wish someone would start making them again.

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