Video 107 The Best Lineman’s Belt For Tree Stand Hunters And Details On How To Make It

This is an updated video on my custom linemans belt that includes links on each of the components so you can make sure you are getting exactly what you need.

Updated video with links and more detail showing how to make and use the best lineman’s belt that a tree stand hunter can have! I am an affiliate with Amazon. Here are the links to the components you need on Amazon:

Ropeman 1 ascender

locking carabiner with round shank

non-locking carabiner

you can use any 10mm to 13mm quality climbing rope you want but here is a link to good static 11mm rope that is 50 feet long so you have enough make lineman belts for friends or life lines as well with the extra

If you are serious about hunting from a tree stand you need a good lineman’s belt. It will keep you safe while hunting from a tree stand and also allow you to have both hands free to hang the tree stand and climbing sticks. Make sure your tree stand safety harness has lineman belt loops on the hips so you can connect the lineman’s belt to your safety harness. Tree stand safety is something all hunters need to think about and take seriously. If you deer hunt, bear hunt, hog hunt, elk hunt antelope hunt, or any other hunting that has you in a tree stand you need this! The goal is to keep you safe when tree stand hunting. But the benefits are hands free, stress free (not working up a sweat) quite, stand set up and hunting.

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