Video 10 How to Sharpen Broadheads

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This video shows how I sharpen my broadheads. There is a  podcast episode 11 that will publish on Monday that talks about broadhead types, blades, shapes, pros, cons and all details. This is a visual support on how to sharpen them to get your broadheads razor sharp. It also shows a unique way to make a great sharpener, as well as a great way to test the sharpness.


  1. Thanks for the great video! Would you use this same system for sharpening stainless blades? I have a nice belt knife with a ss blade, and I have a tough time keeping a good sharp edge to it. I am really enjoying the pod. Thanks for doing it!

    • Yep I use the sandpaper, ceramic rod and strop for my knives. I only use the sandpaper to fix or reshape the edge on my knives. Once edge is set I only use ceramic rod and strop. Thanks for the comment.

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