VacMaster Pro Grade Food Sealers Are Among The Very Best Food Sealers You Can Get And Surprisingly Affordable!

By Jason Samkowiak Of The Traditional Bowhunting And Wilderness Podcast.

Are you sick and tired of having to replace your broke food sealer each year or every other year? What if I told you there was a better way, a better system, and huge money savings to be had!

We are a family that almost 100% “self supplies” our food. Meaning we hunt for our own meat, have chickens for eggs and poultry, catch our own fish, and grow our own veggies. This requires us to use a vacuum food sealer a lot more than most people do. So we have a tremendous amount of experience with the different food sealer options out there. We, like most of you are also budget minded and have to save money where we can. So getting set up with a chamber sealer right now is not in the cards. We figured some day we could and would have to. But after using the system we currently are for the last 4 years, I don’t know if the day will ever come when we feel a chamber system would be worth the huge cost.

So what are we using you ask? A VacMaster pro grade food vacuum sealer of course! We personally have the VacMaster Pro 380 model (click here to view on amazon). But the VacMaster Pro 350 model (click here to view on amazon) is basically the same thing but with a 12 inch opening vs the 16 inch on the 380. Honestly if I was to do it again I would probably buy the 350 model as we almost never need the 16 inch opening and the 12 inch of the 350 would work just as good.

So what makes the VacMaster 350/380 so great? Quality, Quality, Quality! These food sealers are built the way all things in life should be made. Heavy duty, dependable, long lasting, and with all the right materials and no skimping anywhere. Built for pros by pros without the interference of bean counters and material cost analysis! Basically VacMaster’s approach was build it the best it can be with the best materials and then we will price it accordingly.

How does this save you money over cheaper inferior food vacuum sealers? Simple really, Buy one time and use for the rest of your life! And when you look at the links above you will see they are not a whole lot more expensive that the other brand name cheaply made ones. I’m sorry other companies but chrome plastic is nothing like real stainless steel! The Vacmaster 350/380 models have all stainless steel construction, dual piston pump, can hold 50 foot rolls of bags, include a high grade bag cutter, high grade built in cooling fan and s super thick acrylic see thru lid! Again Quality all the way!

Remember the 50 foot bag rolls I was just talking about? they come in a variety of bag sizes and save you a ton of money over buying them in local store. Here are some examples 11 inch x 50 foot 2 pack (click here to view on amazon). If you want 8 inch x 50 foot 2 pack (click here to view on amazon). It just doesn’t get better than that!

The Video above is a review that I did on our YouTube channel about the VacMaster Pro 350 and 380 models. The video gives a great demonstration and covers the details very well for ya. These are worth the investment all day long! Especially when you add up the cost of 2 or 3 broken cheaper vacuum sealers over the course of a few years. The VacMaster Pro food sealers are heirloom quality that will be handed down for generations! Appliances just are not made that way today very often! I’m glad These are!

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