Wyeth Scott More Power Puller-Ultimate Portable Vehicle Recovery Hand Winch With 101 Uses!

Let’s face it, we don’t all want to have a winch on our truck, jeep or other off road vehicle. Not only do we not want a winch we don’t want to pay the price to have a winch. We also may not want to deal with the maintenance on a winch exposed to the weather all the time. Well you no longer have to worry about getting your hunting rig or any vehicle you take off road. Heck, even if you don’t go off road winter roads can throw you into a ditch or snow bank anytime. This tool will save you a ton of headaches and expenses. Now were it really shines is for people like me that spend a tremendous amount of time in very remote places where getting stuck means walking many miles without cell service.

So what is this tool? It’s the Wyeth Scott More Power Puller! (Click Here To View On Amazon) This amazing hand winch (Think Come-Along on steroids) is in a whole class of it’s own! Its constructed of cast iron and built to last a lifetime. Again think heirloom tool that you will hand down to your kids, and they will hand down to their kids! Don’t let the rating fool you. The Wyeth Scott is rated as a 3 ton puller, but, that 3 tons is a dead lift rating! What that means is it can lift up vertically 3 tons (6000 pounds). It can tow 6 tons (12000 pounds)! Yes This thing is strong enough to winch out tractors, diesel trucks, etc! I love the fact that it comes with Amsteel Rope rather than steel cable. Not only is the rope easier to work with and kink proof, it also holds up better and is safer.

This is not your normal come-along! The build quality, towing capability, and simplicity of this Wyeth Scott More Power Puller gives you the piece of mind to venture off road with out fear of becoming stuck in mud, snow, sand, etc. It also has come in handy when I had a tree naturally fall across a trail I was on. I was easily able to remove that tree from the trail with the Wyeth Scott Puller. This tool lives in my truck every day and has for the last 7 years. I have only had to use it 3 times in the woods to more a tree or get my truck unstuck. I have also used it about 15 times for other tasks around camp and around the house. Everything from hanging deer and bears in the trees at camp to lifting 50 gallon water tanks out of the truck for camp drinking water. Around the house I have used it to lift a broke down snowmobile into the back of a truck, winch a broke down side by side into a trailer, Lift generators, lift my boat off my trailer for trainer bunk replacement, etc. Simply put, this tools has proven itself many times and has paid for itself many times over!

Here is a video on the Wyeth Scott More Power puller as well as some of the other items I carry with me. This tool is stored under my back seat of my truck and cable locked to my steel seat frame to make sure that in case of an accident it wont move from under the seat.

Other Great Accessories To Have Along With The Wyeth Scott:

2 Pack of D Shackles: (Click Here To View On Amazon) These are needed to connect to the tree or winch object as well as often needed to connect additional straps for more tow strap length.

30 Foot Tow Strap (Click Here To View On Amazon) This is a 30,000 pound 30 foot long heavy duty tow strap for a great price!

20 Foot Tow Strap/Tree Saver: (Click Here To View On Amazon) This is also a 30,000 pound tow strap but is only 20 feet long. This can serve as a tree saver or as a shorter tow strap or as an extension for longer requirement situations.

1.75 Foot Cable To Lock Tool To Truck Seat: (Click Here To View On Amazon) This is the cable I use to lock the Wyeth Winch to my seat base. You can use this to lock it to anything solid to prevent it from moving in case of an accident etc. You don’t need a lock as you can use a shackle your bought above to lock it down.

Well there you go! For less than half of the price of a good winch you can have a portable winch that you can move from vehicle to vehicle, use to pull from behind, and use around camp and home for many tasks! Thanks and if you have any questions ask them in the comments!

I am an affiliate for Amazon and due receive earnings from purchases thru these links.

By Jason Samkowiak Of The Traditional Bowhunting And Wilderness Podcast.

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  1. I would love to see a video of the ways you use pullers. Such a versatile tool, and I would bet you have many I wouldn’t think of.

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