Tree Stands For The Mobile Hunter

I have been a mobile tree stand hunter for the last 25 years. If there is one thing I know it’s tree stands! What is a mobile tree stand hunter? Someone that hunts many different spots through out the season while hiking to each spot with his stand on his back, hanging the stand for the hunt and taking the stand down and out when they leave. This method allows the hunter to go to any spot that is already scouted or to a new spot they have never been to (going in blind). The advantages to this style of hunting are huge! Your scent is never lingering in an area you plan to hunt, animals are uneducated to your patterns and you can move quickly and easily day to day to stay with the changing patterns of the animals. There are many other advantages as well but I don’t want to make this all about mobile hunting but rather focus on the tree stands that work great for a mobile hunter.

Before we get into the stands for mobile hunting you need to understand that its very important that you keep safety in mind. Hanging tree stands each hunt requires some equipment that can keep you safe while doing so. You will need a good safety harness with lineman belt loops to attach a lineman belt to. Right below I have a couple examples of great harnesses that are perfect for this as well as a couple examples of great lineman belts to keep you safe. For reference I have also put a link to a video that I made that show you the safe way to hang a tree stand.

Summit Sport Safety Harness: (click here to view on Amazon) includes a lineman’s rope (needed as mentioned above for this style of hunting).

Gorilla Gear G-Tac Ultralight Exo Harness: (click here to view on Amazon) This harness is a great minimalist harness. It does not come with a lineman belt so you will have to buy that separately.

Muddy Safeguard Harness: (click here to view on Amazon) This is another great minimalist harness that is lightweight and amazing but you will need to buy a lineman’s belt separately.

Lone Wolf Lineman Belt: (click here to view on Amazon) This is by far the best lineman belt you can buy without custom making your own (details on that below)!

How To Make The Best Lineman Belt You Will Ever Use: click for my youtube video with all the details and what you need. Its very easy to make and the advantages are amazing!

How To Hang A Tree Stand Fast Safe And Easy Video: Click to view a youtube video I mad to show you how to safely hand a tree stand. This video also show my exact system I use for my mobile hunting!

Ok Now that we got the safety stuff out of the way lets talk tree stands for the mobile hunter. First off understand that you can mobile hunt with just about any tree stand but there are only a few that in my opinion work well and offer advantages. The advantages are They will hang on just about any tree. They have to be light weight and easy to carry. They also have to be dead quiet and simple to hang. And most importantly they have to have adjustment options to sit comfortably on trees at different angles and tilts.

I have not included self climbing stands in this article on purpose. Self Climbing stands do not lend themselves well to any tree. A Climbing stand requires limbless straight telephone pole type trees and in most places that are hard to come by with in range of where the shooting will be for most bowhunters, especially Traditional Bowhunters and their range restrictions. for those of you that are interested in Self Climbing Stands I will do an article soon that talks about some great ones. So stay tuned for that article!

I am also not including Climbing Sticks or Steps in this article to keep it on point and not too long. But that article will also done and published very soon as well. Today we are just talking about the tree stands.

Lone Wolf Assault 2 Tree Stand: (click here to view on Amazon) This is by far, hands down, for sure, my absolute favorite tree stand for mobile hunting! Its light weight, easy to carry, and compact. The cast platform is the quietest platform ever made. The bat wing bracket and other adjust-ability make this stand the most capable stand to hang in odd and un even trees. The v notch on the back of the platform is pure perfection and sized correctly for any size tree it will fit on. It really does not get any better.

Lone Wolf Alpha Tree Stand: (click here to view on Amazon) This is exactly the same as the above stand except it has a bigger platform and weights a couple pounds more. But if you need more room than the Lone Wolf Assault offers this stand is a great option.

XOP Vanish Tree Stand: (click here to view on Amazon) This stand is very similar to the Lone Wolf Assault Stand with some differences. First the price is cheaper, but so is the overall quality. its not bad or poor quality, just not as high as the Lone Wolf. The Vanish still offers light weight (not as light as the Lone Wolf but still light) and many of the other advantages and adjust-ability as mentioned above. I do love the season on the XOP better than the Lone Wolf! So it may not be quite on par with the Lone Wolf, the XOP is quite a bit cheaper and still so very good!

Millennium M7 Tree Stand: (click to view on Amazon) This is an Ultra light weight minimalist tree stand. Weight is only 8.5 pounds but the platform size is quite small. Its still very huntable from and truly is a great stand. It has some adjust-ability but not as much as a Lone Wolf Or XOP. If you are looking for an ultralight and ultra compact stand the Millennium M7 is definitely worth a look!

Well there you have it! My top recommendations for tree stands for the mobile hunter! Any questions comment below and remeber to click the subscribe tab at the top to get notified when we publish new content! Happy Hunting!

I am an affiliate for Amazon and do receive earnings from purchases thru these links.

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