My scouting video is now available! Its is over 4 hours long and a 2 dvd set. here is the trailer. Cost is 29.00 and includes priority shipping (lower 48 states only). Email me to purchase and I will get you my paypal info or you can send a check or use Visa, MC, or Discover.   email is or click contact button.


  1. Jason, I would like to purchase the DVD’s! I’ve been salivating this last year hearing about it, and it’s finally done and I can’t wait to watch and learn from it! Thanks, Jon

  2. I would be interested in your video. I am a trad hunter in Ontario Canada . Please let me know , what the cost would be with shipping .

    • Will find out tomorrow as I’m shipping another DVD set to Ontario. I will let you know.
      I can’t imagine it’s much. It’s a 6×9 padded envelope.

  3. Hi Jason,

    I am super interested in checking out your scouting videos. Let me know how to go about ordering them.

    Bruce Alldredge

  4. can’t tell you how much I appreciate the time you took to make this video.  I felt like you were speaking to me. Especially when you said “don’t do that”. The no go places look a lot like the places I have been at here in Jersey. With no success of coarse.  

    I learned a tremendous amount. It’s early yet and I’ve watched the video twice already. I’m planning on going out next weekend to do some scouting and apply and look at some of these things you pointed out. My job gets in the way of the things I’d rather do otherwise I’d be out there during the week. 

    Thanks for passing on your knowledge and experiences.

    Great stuff. 


  5. Hi Jason,
    I find your videos very informative such as the lineman belt, which works great!

    I would like to purchase your DVD set. Please send me your info.

    David Schwartz

  6. Jason, I so appreciate the info you have shared. I am a member of Trad Gang and your lineman’s belt is awesome. Got all my buddies using it to.

    I would like to get your DVD set on scouting.

    I will be using a credit card not Pay pal.

    Thanks, Todd

  7. Hey, Jason

    Yesterday I bought your 2-dvd “Scouting Video” at the Traditional Bowhunter’s Expo in Kalamazoo, MI. Had a very good time at the event.

    Just finished watching the video, and enjoyed it a lot…you’re off to a good start. I picked up a lot of good usable ideas for my own scouting and hunting in my corner of SW Michigan (Berrien County)…thanks.

    Looking forward to even better future videos!

    Jim D.
    Benton Harbor, MI

  8. Hi Jason I enjoy your podcasts and I am interested in your 2 DVD scouting video and using pay pal for purchase. Thanks Bob

    • Great! You can send the money to thru PayPal.
      Scouting video 1 is 2 DVDs and 4 hours long and cost 29.00.
      Scouting video 2 is also 2 DVDs and 4 hours long and cost 29.00.
      Or you can get both for 50.00.
      Once I have the address and what you want the DVDs are on the way.

  9. Jason,

    I bought set 1 for my son for Christmas and received it promptly. Of course I had to review it to make sure there are no defects. Worked great of course and the content is helpful. So, I tested your ideas. I did some internet scouting ,which I had done before also, but now I followed your methodology by looking for the go/no go areas and focusing there. Today I had a chance yo get in the woods and verify your theory. I am amazed at the multiple merging trails and one hub that I found. I found three very nice spots I was previously unaware of. Thanks.

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