Must Have This Powerful New Way to Locate and Navigate

This is by far the coolest thing that I have seen in a while! And someone should of thought of this a long time ago! I heard about this from the survival podcast show I was listening to today.

This is an app for your phone and also a website base as well. basically this company has taken the whole globe and broke it down into 9 feet by 9 feet squares. (yep 9×9 feet area) and gave each 9×9 square a 3 word name. example if i wanted to give you directions to my front door (literally my front door, not house, or address, but where my front door is) you would type in “ballroom.curls.uncool” and it would bring you right to my front door. Much easier that dealing with all the lat and long numbers. and 9×9 feet accurate.

Now with the app you can instantly share your location to others and vise versa.

Some examples of the power of this.

share hunting spots, find out where you family is at the amusement park, killed a deer and need friends to come help you, pick your kids up at the mall, pinpoint scouting spots and go right to them, tell a buddy where your stand is (within 9 feet, no need to walk him in there), share fishing spots, etc.

If my buddy goes to ohio to hunt on state land while im in missouri hunting and he texts me saying he is getting his butt kicked and not seeing deer. I can send him 3 word directions to exact trees in spots i have previously hunted and had good luck. He types in the 3 word code and it takes him right to the tree!

Another example. your buddy just got a new hunting property and doesnt know it well yet. You can internet scout it for him and send him a list of 3 words spots to scout or hunt.

Also the safety aspect. You are hunting alone. you get to the tree. send your wife, mom, etc the 3 word code and if you dont make it home (fall out of stand or get hurt) she can find you within 9 feet of where you are.

There are a ton of uses for this. and its is very easy to use.

Just today i was on stand hunting about an hour from my house. my wife text me and said “Keegan wants to hunt tonight after his home work, is there a place with a good wind for him?”  I pulled up the app, picked the spot where a ladder stand is already set and ready, then sent her the 3 word name. I also gave here the 3 word name for where to park the car at when she was going to walk him in and pick him up. she gave this to Keegan to have on his phone as well. She was able to drive to the exact spot, park, walk Keegan in, find the stand and have him all set up. when it was dark she still knew exactly where he was and how to get back to the car.

This is a very powerful tool in my opinion and we should all have it. Not just for hunting but for everyday life. If I had a nickel for every time i had to pick my daughter up from a football game or other even and search all over for her. now when i say “Bella at 9pm send me the 3 word location and wait there” I will be with in 9 feet of here at 9pm!

The app is called “what3words”  the website is

NOTE: when you open the app or site and are looking at the maps you can also switch to satellite view to see the terrain and pic exact spots in the woods. this program is like a grid overlay on top of google maps so its just like using google maps or google earth.

I will be doing a podcast on this as well as some other cool apps and sites for hunters really soon. But this one I wanted to get out there to you guys right away so you could start using it. IT IS FREE!


  1. Thanks for your support and I am glad you like what3words. 3 word addresses are also accepted in a couple other app you might find useful. Offline navigation app – – and offline exploration app – So you can download local maps and even if you don’t have data reception you can still view and navigate easily.

    • That makes it even better! As hunters we often run out of cell service. This will make it usable in those situations as well. This is pure genius! Thanks for making this!

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