Video 3 Making carbon arrows heavy

This is a video that show the best way I have found to make carbon (or aluminum) arrows heavy. Many of us prefer to shoot arrows in the 700 plus grain weight range. This is a feat that many can’t figure out how to accomplish. This video will show you what you need and how to do it.


  1. Thanks for sharing this secret Jason. I followed your lead with the nylon rope. Works like a charm, and makes the Warrior 600 spine arrows I am shooting feel much more substantial. I am looking forward to shooting them, if this rain ever stops!

    • Glad your liking them!
      Just make sure to pack that rope good and tight in there and check it after a few shots and make sure its still full of rope all the way up to the knock. If not add more rope. You want the shaft stuffed full and packed tight.

  2. Tried them out today. I could tell the shafts had more thump to them. Almost lost a judo in a live tree(missed the stump). Had a problem with my inserts coming out, but I think I remedied that issue. Fingers crossed! Thanks again:)

    • I think an arrow weight of 10 to 12 grains of weight per pound of bow weight is a good arrow weight. But you will want to experiment for yourself and see what you like.
      Advantages to heavier arrow are:
      Better penetration
      Quieter bow
      More forgiveness of errors
      Bow feels more dead in the hand
      Better wind resistance
      Better deflection resistance
      So in my opinion heavier is better. But again if you are new to this it’s worth exploring different options and finding what you like best.

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