Magpul Sunglasses Review: Strongest Sunglasses Ever Made? High Quality Sunglasses At An Affordable Price!

I love sunglasses! However as an avid outdoorsman I often break them, scratch them or fight to keep them on my face. I am not a fan of the overpriced brand name sunglasses that we commonly see. I dont think the quality, durability or functionality is there in most of those brands.

I want sunglasses that are strong, light, functional and affordable! That brings us to the Magpul eye wear line of sunglasses. Magpul has taken sunglasses to the next level! So what makes them so special? First of all they are military rated ballistic lenses capable of withstanding fast sharp and heavy objects that would basically rip your face apart! Your eyes will still be protected even though your face needs stitches and so time to heal. I like that kind of protection. The lenses have an olephobic treatment to reduce smudging from liquid or chemicals and are very scratch resistant as well as anti reflective on both sides of the lens to reduce front side and backside reflections. The frames are made from TR90NZZ witch according to Magpul is the toughest non-metal material available. So in a nut shell, these Magpul sunglasses are bombproof as sunglasses can be! I love this! They also come with a very nice sunglasses bag and a hard plastic felt lined hard case that can be used for a million things!

Finally a pair of sunglasses that will hold up to the sticks smacking into them, getting dropped in gravel, getting knocked off my face and stepped on in the woods as well as gas, oil, bug spray and all the other chemicals we deal with on boats and in the field. I really like the extra security of knowing if my gun does blow up or a round is over powdered and kicks out a lot of powder spray I dont have to worry about my eyes. Same goes for my time on the range shooting steel targets. These are better rated then most shooting glasses you can buy! The Magpul sunglasses are actually shooting glasses in every way and rated as such.

Magpul also understands the needs of outdoorsman when it comes to polarized vs non-polarized lenses. They offer every pair and style in both! You can have it your way! if you like polarized for fishing no problem. If you want non-polarized so you can see your phone screen and gas pump lcd screens better no problem.

wondering about style? They have that covered as well with 3 different styles. They offer many different frame colors as well as lens colors. Pricing is also very good especially for the quality of sunglasses you are getting. Below are the 3 different styles they offer and when you click on each you can see the different combinations offered in each style. Be sure to scroll thru the different styles as prices vary based on combinations. You also have the option to click polarized or non polarized. Personally I like polarized for fishing only. for every day sunglasses I like non polarized.

The style I bought is the Magpul Summit in black frames with the grey lenses and are pictured at the top and at the bottom of this article.

Magpul Explorer Sunglasses (click here to view on Amazon)

Magpul Summit Sunglasses (click here to view on Amazon)

Magpul Terrain Sunglasses (click here to view on Amazon)

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