LEM Meat Grinders- Best Of The Best? I Think So!

So its time for a new meat grinder and you are starting to research. Smart decision! There are a lot of great options out there. Just make sure you take a good hard look at LEM meat grinders. In my opinion LEM makes some of the best (if not the best) meat processing tools available to the average person.

First things first! We need to identify what you need in a grinder. Are you just processing a deer a year? Are you doing 2-4 deer a year? Maybe you are like us and processing 5-10 deer plus bear, hogs, beef, pork, etc a year. Where you fit into this is going to help you decide what size grinder is best for you. Will you be making your own sausage or using other attachments? These are questions you might not think you need to know the answer to but im going to let you in on a little secret. Processing your own meat is very rewarding and saves you a ton of money. The other secret (that is really not such a secret as so many people already know this) is a LEM grinder will last you a lifetime! Honestly LEM is one of only a couple that I think can hold that lifetime title.

What makes LEM grinders so great? Quality, design, function, longevity, and part availability! LEM still makes their grinders with quality steel components! Every year more and more companies skimp on quality with more plastic and cheap metal to save money. LEM refuses to do so. The design of the LEM grinders allows for easy cleaning, quick change over and a huge variety of attachments to make your life easy. The Big Bite Auger Technology take it to the top of the list with speed and function. The longevity comes from the amazing motor and gear quality and design. LEM replacement cutters, plates, and other parts are readily available at a huge variety of stores (local and online).

Here are my LEM recommendations based on what you need it for. Further down I have also included a video on the exact LEM grinder I use as well as another video on their super fast burger bagging system.

If you are doing 1-2 deer a year: LEM #5 (.35hp) Grinder (click here to view on amazon).This stainless steel 0.35 HP grinder is the most compact version of all of Big Bite Grinders, making it ideal for smaller grinding projects. The large meat pan measures 11-1/4″ x 9-1/8″ x 2-1/4″ deep. A serious step up from a basic kitchen grinder attachment, you won’t find a grinder this size at this level of quality anywhere but at LEM. Grinds approximately 4 pounds per minute.

If you are doing 2-3 deer a year or just want a little more speed than the #5 you can step up to the LEM #8 (.50hp) Grinder (click here to view on amazon). This #8 is the one i personally recommend for most hunters that kill a deer or 2 a year but also grind other foods and meats as well.
This stainless steel 0.5 HP electric grinder is the perfect size to grind a few deer a year. The large stainless steel meat pan measures 12-1/4″ x 9-1/8″ x 2-1/4″ deep. The next step up from our #5 Big Bite Grinder, you won’t find a grinder this size at this level of quality anywhere but at LEM. Grinds approximately 7 lbs. per minute.

Now If you are like us and grind a lot of meat each year between wild game and other meats this #12 is my favorite! not too heavy to carry and store, super fast grinding and heirloom quality throughout! LEM #12 (.75hp) Grinder (click here to view on amazon).
This 0.75 HP stainless steel Big Bite grinder offers a substantial step up from either the #5 or #8 Big Bite units, a perfect middle ground. Grinds approximately 11 lbs. per minute. This grinder packs a wallop to make short work of your grind time. They make a 1 hp and a 1.5 hp model as well but honestly I dont think anyone needs the extra size, weight, or cost that comes with those bigger units. the #12 does it all and does it amazing! The grinder works faster than i can feed it and chews thru everything you run thru it!

Here is a video on my LEM #12 Grinder:

Here is the video on the super fast LEM burger bagging system as well:

LEM Burger Bagging System (click here to view on amazon). You will also need the 2 inch steel stuffer tube for the grinder to use the bags available for grinders #8 and up. Here is the #12 size tube (click here to view on amazon)

Well there you have it! A LEM meat grinder will be a buy once and love forever type of purchase. The money savings will also be a huge bonus. We burned thru enough cheap grinders that we could of just bought our #12 right from the start and saved hundreds! now that we have this grinder we also save a ton of money because we buy are beef a half a cow at a time and process it ourselves! Something we never could of done without the LEM grinder!

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By Jason Samkowiak of The Traditional Bowhunting And Wilderness Podcast.

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