Jet Sled for Deer Dragging

The Jet Sled is the best way I have found to get deer out of the woods in all conditions!


This season I have used a Jet Sled to get 6 deer out of the field and can honestly say without a doubt it is the best way there is for 99% of the situations I hunt. I have tried deer carts and they have never worked good for me unless i was dragging over very gentle terrain. I don’t hunt gentle terrain ever so they were more of a hassle then a helper. I have tried deer drag harnesses and they worked pretty good. I used them on a lot of deer. but its still a lot of dead weight dragging and friction to deal with and tires you out fast.  I have quartered deer and brought them out on my frame back before as well, but unless the terrain requires this I’d rather bring them out whole and take my time with the processing after the meat has aged a while. So this summer I did some research and heard great things about using a jet sled. I once helped a buddy drag a deer on a roll up sled and it didn’t make it to the truck before ripping apart so I was skeptical about the durability of a plastic sled on dry ground. I found both the Jet Sled Original and the Jet Sled Jr. available on Amazon for a great price and free shipping so I ordered them. My UPS driver was laughing as he was delivering 2 sleds in August. I did some test runs around my property with my kids and found they work awesome and pull very easy over all types of terrain except sand or bare dirt.

I did some modifications to the sleds after testing with the kids. First thing I had to do was replace the cheap rope and add a handle to easy the tension on my hand. I replaced the rope with 7mm accessory rope from and added a rubber tube handle about a foot long. The rubber tube was bought at Home Depot as a 10 foot piece of wash machine hose. It was very cheap and supper thick yet flexible enough to not break or chew up the rope. The next modification I needed was a way to strap it down in the back of my truck, on trailers, etc so it would not blow out if empty. So I dripped a hole in each corner on the top and a couple holes along the side on the top. I threaded some paracord all the way around the top lip thru those holes. This now gave me places I could tie it down with and also gave me places I could use to lash to if i need to try anything in the sled. All these mods were super cheap and proved well worth it!

An added bonus with the Jet Sled is that it is much easier to load deer into your truck as you just lift the front of the sled and rest it on the tailgate. Then lift the back of the sled and slide it in. The blood, etc all stay in the sled so your truck stays clean!

The sled pulls very easy over grass, leaves, deadfalls, stumps, snow, etc. It only gets tough on loose soil like bare dirt and sand as those create more friction. Pulling over anything other than loose soil is super easy. I would say the “weight felt” is reduced by 60-70 percent. In fact it is so easy that my 12 year old daughter and 11 year old son took turns pulling my 4 point I killed over 7/8ths of a mile without a single pause or break. They did this all by themselves, one at a time! I have also pulled 2 does (a big one and little one) at the same time in the Jet Sled Jr. for over 400 yards when I was in Missouri this season!

I have also really come to love using the sled on far in hunts. I load my stand, sticks, pack, etc. all into the sled and drag it most of the way to my spot. When I get to about 100 yards away from the stand location I stash the sled under a tree, gear up and hike in the last 100 yards or so without the sled. Works amazing! I have in the past tried to keep my hunting spots under a mile do to having to hike stands and gear in and out each sit. Now with the sled I have no worries about going farther if I want to.

The Jet Sled Original is my “preferred” size sled. It fits deer inside very easily and nothing has to lashed down. Not only does it fit a deer but you can also throw your stand, sticks, etc. in with the deer and drag it all out in one trip!  The Jet Sled Jr. is a great sled as well but its a little smaller and I needed to strap deer legs and head in so they were not dragging or hooking on everything. The Jet Sled Jr. that I bought is now mainly for chores around the house and pulling the kids in the winter. The Jet Sled Original is my go to sled for hunting.

Jet Sled Original:







Jet Sled Jr. with 2 does being drug at the same time:



The Jet Sled has held up very well to all the dragging over the various terrains I have used them including a 2 mile stretch of gravel road. I would estimate they will last me about 6-7 seasons of very hard use and more than 10 seasons for most hunters. Not bad for a 40 dollar sled with free shipping! If you are looking for an easier way to drag deer I dont think you will find one that works as well in all terrains as a Jet Sled. There are other brands of sleds and some are thicker and heavier. I actually already owned a different brand sled that is thicker and much heavier. I did some side by side testing around my property and found the Jet Sled to not only be lighter to carry, but also much easier to pull.

For myself and the couple guys I told about this that also tested it out this year, we will not drag another deer or go on a hunt without a Jet Sled Original!




  1. Jason– I picked up a Jet Sled ( had seen them before and your recommendation clinched it) and it is great! Good deal @ Sportsman’s Guide, too.

    • Glad you like it. My only complaint is that I spent so many years dragging deer with out one!
      Hope you are healing well and having a good year!

  2. Suggestion. Start a amazon store with links to your suggested products. You can make some extra cash for your efforts. Would be glad to support you.

  3. Great idea Jason. I’ll definitely have one before next deer season. Just discovered your podcast and website and am looking forwarded to getting back into traditional archery. Any idea if these are large enough to use as a “boat” to get across moderate size streams?


  4. Great job, I bought one this year, because of your help. Ive drug it out to my stands a couple of times, it’s super easy, carries everything I need. Now I just need to get a deer in it!

  5. Great job, I bought one this year, because of your help. Ive drug it out to my stands a couple of times, it’s super easy, carries everything I need. Now I just need to get a deer in it!
    Sorry to repost, but, a list of things you use, Lights, stands, day packs, would be really helpful. Listen to the podcast every week, but, Im never near a pen and pad at the time. Thanks in advance!

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