How To Sharpen Broadheads And Get Razor Sharp Results.

By Jason Samkowiak Traditional Bowhunting And Wilderness Podcast

Let’s get straight to the point (pun intended)! If you are going to shoot a broadhead on your arrow or bolt it’s your responsibility to make sure that broadhead is razor sharp and stays razor sharp all the time. If you shoot traditional style broadheads that do not come razor sharp right out of the box you are going to have to sharpen them yourself. But, don’t think you guys that buy pre-sharpened heads are in the clear! It’s also important that you maintain that razor sharp edge on your broadheads. Simply pulling and replacing the arrow in and out of your quiver can dull the heads.

So regardless of what broadheads you buy you have to make sure they get razor sharp and that they stay razor sharp! Fortunately accomplishing this razor sharp edge is easy to do yourself. Once you have the heads scary razor sharp all you have to do is “touch them up” occasionally thru out the hunting season to keep them that way. Understand though, if you don’t touch them up and maintain that razors edge you will have to work harder to bring it back once its gone. So don’t get lazy! We owe it to the animals we hunt to make sure that our broadheads are always razor sharp!

Principles of broadhead sharpening are very important. Once you understand this part the process of sharpening is simple. I will lay out these principles here for you in video form as it perfectly illustrates what you need to know.

Once you understand how to sharpen you will need to buy or make a sharpening system that will help you put the principles you just learned into practice. I have listed my favorite sharpening systems below for you and also included another video that shows you how all of these different systems work. Then you will be able to select the sharpening tools you want to try. Spoiler alert: Most of this stuff is not expensive!

Here are the links to these sharpeners. I am an affiliate for Amazon and do receive earnings from purchases thru these links.

Whet Stone:

Belt sander:

1×30 belts:

1×30 leather strop belt:

Lansky Ceramic Rod Block:

6 inch mill bast file:

Ceramic Rod With handle:

Leather strop:

Here is the video that shows each of these different sharpening systems in full detail and how they are used.

A Bonus Trick For Scary Sharp Finishing!

A trick that many people don’t know about is to do your final stropping on your blue jeans! Here is a video that explains this very simple and fast process that will take your broadhead edges from razor sharp to scary sharp!

Once you have your heads sharpened you need a good way to test that sharpness! Now most will test by shaving hair off their arms, legs, butt cheeks, etc. This does work but shaving sharp is NOT scary sharp. We want “Scary Sharp”. The best way to verify scary sharp is a rubber band test. A rubber band is a very similar media to the arteries and organs we are dealing with inside of the animals we are trying to quickly and cleanly harvest. I have a video below that will show you how to do the rubber band test and find out how sharp your broadheads are.

Well there you have it! Sweet, simple and easy methods to make sure you can quickly get your broadheads scary sharp! If you have any questions let me know in the comments below and I will answer as fast as I can. Good luck this upcoming hunting season. Keep your heads sharp and shoot straight!

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