Video 83 Practicing For Form and Accuracy Separately

This video talks about my thoughts on practicing for both form and accuracy in separate sessions.

Video 82 Example of a Hub For Deer Hunting

This video shows a good example of what hunting a “Hub” looks like when Whitetail hunting.

Video 80 Hunting Pack Contents For This Season

This video shows what will be with me in the woods in my hunting pack this season.

Video 79 55 Arrow Practice Session

This video tags along with me on a 55 arrow practice session from the ground and tree stands. Its that time of year where I start shooting alot to be ready for hunting season.¬†Today was the start of my “must shoot 4 days a week” practice schedule.

Video 78 Bow Holder Hook Mod to Save your Pack and Clothes

This video show a mod to save your pack pockets and clothing from bow hook punctures.

Video 77 Tree Stand Maintenance

This video talks about how to maintain your tree stands for safety.

Video 75 My New Northern Mist Baraga Longbow is Here!

Met up with Steve Turay of Northern Mist longbows today to pick up my new Baraga longbow.  Here is a video of the bow details and how it shoots!

Video 73 Wire Edge What it is and how to remove it

This video talks about a “wire edge” on a knife or broadhead and how to get rid of it.

Video 72 Kuiu Icon Pro 1850 and Eberlestock F1 Frame Pack

In this video I show the 2 packs I will be using for this season and why. The Kuiu will be my main pack and the Eberlestock F1 will be my meat hauling pack frame.

Video 71 Helly Hansen Impertech Review

This Video is a review of my new Helly Hansen Impertech Rain Gear. I have used this rain gear in the past and loved it. I recently bought another set and love it!