Bonus Episode Scouting Video Number 2 is Now Available

My second scouting video is now available.This episode talks about whats in it and how to get it.

The scouting video number 2 is 4 hours long and a 2 dvd set. Cost is 29.00 in the lower 48 states. canada and alaska add 4 bucks for extra shipping.

You can get both the first scouting video I did a few years ago and also this new second one both for 50.00. Thats 4 dvds and over 8 hours of everything I know about scouting for deer!

Paypal the money to Once I have the payment and address the dvd is on the way.

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  1. Got the new scouting DVDs yesterday. Awesome dvd! Love the cyber scouting section! Great DVDs very informative! I highly recommend them! Great job Jason!

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