Best Rubber Scent Free Waterproof Hunting Boots For Deer, Bear, And Other Big Game

By Jason Samkowiak Of Traditional Bowhunting And Wildernes Podcast

The vast majority of deer and bear hunters wear rubber hunting boots. So do many hunters that are going after other big game species. The benefits of rubber boots are scent reduction, 100% waterproof, and comfort. Very few other boot types can offer this combination. Rubber boots come in quite a few variations for such a simple concept. We will be focusing this article on the knee high rubber hunting boots that most hunters gravitate to.

I have to wear rubber hunting boots for 50-70 percent of my hunting season due to the swamps and wet areas I hunt. Hunting these types of locations over the last 25 years has taught me a lot about rubber hunting boots. Rather than tell you about the boots that have failed me and the problems I have experienced with other rubber boots Im instead going to talk about the rubber hunting boots that have been good for me. This way you can save your self the headaches and go right for the good stuff the first time!

Lacrosse Burly: Click Here To View On Amazon These non-insulated boots are 18 inches high and have Lacrosse’s fantastic ankle fit design that holds the boots on your feet even in the nastiest mud and muck. These Boots are lightweight, tough as nails, comfortable, and keep your feet warm in the early season and into the rut (with an extra pair of socks for added warmth). I have owned 3 pairs of these boots and all I can say is I will not buy any other non-insulated rubber boot again as long as these are still being made. They are very tough, do not dry rot or crack, do not break down or fail and they can hold up to punishing abuse! Some hunters complain they are hard to get on and off with the ankle fit design. I love that feature! to me its one of the best attributes of the Lacrosse Burly boot! You can not have your cake and eat it too in a swamp boot. If it is going to stay on your feet in the mud and not cause fatigue as you fight to keep it on, then it has to be harder to get on and off. Simple physics! I will easily live with having to tug a little to get them off in exchange for boots that stay on my feet in the swamps and mud I hunt in. This boot is my #1 go to non-insulated rubber hunting boot. As long as these are being made I will always own a pair. Heck, I still have my original pair I bought 25 years ago and they are still working and waterproof even though I don’t wear that first set much anymore.

Next we have the Lacrosse Burly 800: Click Here To View On Amazon These are the same as the Lacrosse Burly Boots mentioned above but include 800 grams of insulation. I love this boot exactly the same way I love the non-insulated version. With the added 800 grams of insulation I can comfortable wear these tree stand hunting in temps between 50 and 15 degrees. That’s a very versatile boot! If I had to choose only one rubber hunting boot this would be my #1 Choice. Yes, even over the non-insulated version because for the fact that I can wear these most of the hunting season and stay warm and comfy.

Lacrosse also has a couple other Rubber Hunting boots that should be mentioned. These boots are a close second in my opinion to the Burly’s mentioned above. And honestly your preference might lean more towards one of these over my personal favorites. They share the same traits as the Burly line but offer a more modern foot bed designed to be a better fit and more comfortable.

Lacrosse 4xBurly 800: Click Here To View On Amazon

Lacrosse AlphaBurly Pro 800: Click Here To View On Amazon

for those of you that hunt in snake country Lacrosse also makes the 4xAlpha in a non-insulated “Snake Proof” version! Click Here To View On Amazon I have these and use them for my hunts in Georgia, Alabama, Florida, etc. Love them! All the rubber hunting boot benefits with the added snake shield protection rated to handle serious rattle snake strikes repeatedly!

Baffin Titan Boots are for the extreme cold temps! Click Here To View On Amazon
These boots are the warmest rubber boot that I have ever worn! I usually only wear them when temps get into the teens and below. They are fantastic and one of the best made rubber boots I available today. Made in Canada the quality is top shelf all the way. Another great advantage of these is they are not “too big” and will still allow you to climb into your tree stand with out the crazy huge bulk and thickness of other boots that try to be close to this warm of a boot.

Here is a video that shows These Baffin Titan Boots:

There are other good boots out there like the very popular Muck Brand or Bogg Boots. However those brands have not been as good as Lacrosse has been for me personally. These other brands are also worth consideration in your search. But since I said in the beginning of this article I was going to only focus on the boots that have been flawless for me. Thanks again and if you have any questions let me know in the comments!

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  1. What about the issue of the “rubber” smell associated with rubber boots? My experience has been that the smell takes forever to go away.

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