Best Ladder Tree Stand For Your Type Of Hunting.

If you are a deer hunter you probably do, or plan to hunt from a tree stand. Hunting from a tree stand has some huge benefits! First off you will be up higher and able to see further and better. Hunting from above also removes you from straight line of sight with the animal. This allows you better odds of drawing your bow or any other movement that is required. You will also be up high enough that the wind will carry your scent further away before it makes it to the ground. These are some of the most important reasons a lot of hunters like using a tree stand.

Other nice benefits include the fact that your shot angle will usually provide a low exit hole and better blood trails. If you miss its easy to know for sure as the arrow is usually just sticking in the ground and easy to find. Lastly being in a tree stand will often allow the deer to come much closer. Shots from a tree stand at 5-10 yards is very common. Whereas when hunting on the ground it’s very hard to position yourself, draw, aim and shoot without getting busted when deer are in that close.

Ladder Stand options:

People that like to hunt from ladder stands tend to leave those stands at hunting spots for the whole season. There are options for just about every type of hunter or hunting situations. Ladder stands are safe, easy, and great options. Another nice feature of ladder stands is you don’t have to buy separate climbing sticks or steps to get up the tree. You will still want an approved safety harness as well as a tether line to keep you safe when going up and down as well as while hunting. Here are a couple great ladder stand options.

Guide Gear 15 Foot Ladder Stand (click here to view on Amazon) This is a very basic ladder stand with Sturdy steel construction for years of durable use; 17.75″ x 10.5″ foot platform; 19.5″ x 10″ seat platform and pinned ladder sections for easy transport . This ladder stand weighs 52 pounds (fairly light for a steel ladder stand) and is 15 feet tall. This ladder stand is simple but very effective and do to it’s smaller size can be stuffed into just about any tree very easily. The great price also means you can have a few of them up in different spots.

Guide Gear 16 Foot Deluxe Ladder Stand (click here to view on Amazon) This ladder stand reaches 16 feet in height and features a comfortable seat and back rest as well as a shooting rail. the shooting rail works grat for gun hunters, crossbow hunters that need to rest their weapon on the rail for better accuracy. The shooting rail is also removable for bowhunters. Durable steel construction for years of use; 17.25″ x 12.25″ platform with flip-up footrest; Padded 19.25″ x 13.5″ seat for extreme comfort; Flip-up shooting rail and weighs 52 pounds. The price of this ladder stand also allows for a few of them to be affordable placed at different hunting spots giving you more options.

Rivers Edge 18 Foot 2 Man Ladder Stand (click here to view on amazon) Is a great ladder stand designed for 2 people to be able to hunt at the same time from the same tree. This is great for taking kids or your spouse with you. It’s also a great option if you want a camera man with you to film your hunts. This stand reaches 18 feet high, and only weighs 63 pounds! pretty light weight for a 2 person 18 foot stand.

Millennium L100 21 foot Adjustable Ladder Stand (click here to view on Amazon) This ladder stand weighs 80 pounds but will adjust from 8 feet to 21 feet in height! It also has a comfortable seat and backrest along with a flip up shooting rail and flip up foot rest! It’s a very comfortable stand that allows you to get as high as you need or adjust to where the best tree cover is! You get a lot of stand that gets high up for a great price!

X-Stand 17 foot Ladder Stand With Jaws Safety System (click here to view on Amazon) This ladder stand features a pair of cable controlled locking “Jaws” that bite the tree when you are setting it up to make sure you are safe as you climb up to lock everything down! The system is brilliant and the cost is reasonable for the quality of stand you get plus the safety features! It weighs 58 pounds, reaches 17 feet high, has a flip up/ removable shooting rail and a flip up foot rest. the seat is very comfortable with a great backrest as well. they also make this model in a 20 foot tall as well.

Hunter Safety System Lifeline System (click here to view on Amazon) This lifeline is a must have for any ladder stand hunter. This system will allow you the ascend or descend the tree to and from the stand while safely being connected to the lifeline the whole time.

Well there you have it! Some great ladder stand options for your next hunting adventure! Keep in mind there are many great ladder stands out there on the market today. This is just a sample of some of the different ones I think best fit each situation. I am also an affiliate for Amazon and do receive earnings from purchases thru these links. If you have any questions please comment below!


  1. I’ve utilized the Guide Gear 15′ stepping stool represents a very long time for our hoard chases. I just utilize two areas rather than three, 10 feet is bounty sufficiently high for pigs.

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