10 dollar Bag Target Stand

My kids made a stand for our new bag target today. All I did was tell them the measurements needed and they did all the cuts and building it. The cost was under 10 bucks and if I was the one building it (or any adult with normal skills) it would of only taken about 15 minutes to make. It took my 12 and 13 year old about an hour including painting it. Build list will be under the pics in this article. ┬áThe “H” shaped wood on the cross beam is to hold the target from swinging. It was an after thought as i didnt like how the bag would swing when we pushed it. This tension on the bottom of the bag from the “H” shaped piece holds the bag perfectly still.

Itarget stand2

Itarget stand1

To make this (again it was under 10 bucks) here is what you need.

(3) 2x4x8, (1) 2x3x8 could also use another 2x4x8 but i had a 2×3 laying around, 2 eye bolts, 2 s hooks, some 3″ screws or nails.

upright boards are 48″, top cross bar and foot boards are all 30″. Then use the remaining pieces of wood to make angle supports and lower cross bar. Done! Sweet easy and fast. Its rock solid and works great. Cant believe I didn’t make one of these sooner!


  1. Looks great.
    I just recently built my own target bag. I stuffed a burlap coffee bean sack full of plastic shopping bags and other plastic wrap. Looking forward to getting it off the ground with a stand like yours.

  2. Made this stand in about an our with my 3 year old. Great little project and awesome stand for the bag. I used to hang my bag from a tree and everytime the arrow hit the bag would swing around. With this stand the bag doesn’t budge. Great idea and thanks for making it easy!

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